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Free Mobile includes roaming for the United States as a package

Nothing seems to stop Free, after allowing roaming anywhere in the European Union in July, that the operator makes a step further and now offers roaming in the US!

Free roaming US

Free announces that includes roaming from the United States in its package

This is a new offensive on the part of the operator Free in the field of mobile. For some time now, Xavier Niel tackles one of the sources of "good margins" of its competitors, namely roaming charges or roaming.In July, Free unveiled his package was enriched by a new service, the end of homelessness across Europe ... Today, it pushes the bar a little further, adding the roaming from the United States .
Free mobile package is 19.99 euros, 15.99 euros even for owners of a Freebox. Now for that price, it will be possible to send SMS and make calls unlimited US to France or the United States and 35 days a year. To this adds Xavier Niel same 3GB of 3G mobile internet per month, all at no extra cost! A nice gesture on the part of the operator, especially for frequent travelers to the country.
Since 2007, Free is always on the offensive, forcing its competitors to respond by lowering their prices or adding new services. One could almost say that since his arrival as the fourth operator, it is he who has completely reformed the universe of fixed and mobile Internet and has returned to the competition in the phone market.

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